Cancer Home Care Services

cancer home care

Through a Cancer home care support we provide many services like you get many in a hospital. A doctor will work with your home health care support team to set up your plan of care. This plan includes the services you need, the type of staff best suited to provide those services, and how often the services are needed.

Nursing care
A highly skilled registered nurse (RN) can be very helpful to a cancer patient at home and can help relieve the burden on family members. A nurse comes to the home, looks at the care needs you and your family have, and sets up a plan of care along with the doctor. Services may include the care of wounds, ostomy care, giving intravenous (IV) treatments, giving and supervising medicines, and watching for side effects. Your care plan may also include giving supportive care, like pain control, as well as instruction and emotional support. [08:41, 7/14/2019] Dr Prashant Onco: Physical therapy
Physical therapy will help to regain the use of impaired or weakened muscles. it improves the range of motion .

Occupational Therapy
occupational therapy helps in problems that keep patients away from doing daily activities. An occupational therapist will look at what you can do, and then teach you ways to do daily tasks, like eating, bathing, dressing, and household routines. If you need special equipment, you’ll be taught to use it. With the therapist’s help, you can learn to do more on your own.